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Patina Finishes

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Patina Roof
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Decorative Patina Finishes

Achieve designer results for a fraction of the cost

Metallics and Patinas, LLC is your source for green patina finish. Somewhat similar to paint, but truly not a paint, our water based patina finish can be applied to many different surfaces using an garden or commercial plastic Hudson sprayer, a roller, or brush. One gallon of patina will cover approx. 220 sq. ft.

Our customers are architects, interior designers, builders, sign makers, metals fabricators, artists, contractors and do-it-yourself people.

Exterior and interior applications

Our patina finishes are used with our metallic coatings extensively on exterior signage, wrought iron railings and gates, yard art, and fountains. Also used on hardy backer and concrete both interior and exterior. Great product for interior and exterior art projects.  

We also sell patina solutions in brown and blue for commercial usages.

I know a good coating when I use one - pure powdered metal in a very high quality clear acrylic coating.
I have used the product exclusively for exterior surfaces in the So Cal desert. The product is extremely durable. We painted the bell tower at my golf club 40 years ago, it looks the same as the day we painted it.

Available Patina Finishes

Sample Green Patina With Bronze Coating

Green Patina on Bronze

Sample Green Patina On Copper Metallic Coating

Green Patina on Copper

Sample Green Patina With Iron Coating

Green Patina on Iron

For Exterior and Interior Applications

Our patina solutions will not on their own achieve a patina finish. If you desire a patina finish, then Patina  Solution must be applied at the time of application of the metallic coating second coat to achieve an original artistic patina presentation. 

This product may be applied to many different surfaces. The most common use of the patina would be on our metallic coating copper or bronze. The versatility of application techniques give the artist more choices to separate their work from that of other artists. 

PATINA Application

 The most common method of applying the Patina Solution is a plastic bottle sprayer or with a plastic pump up garden sprayer. Never use mechanical equipment with metal parts to apply the Patina/Antique Solution, it is corrosive and may ruin the equipment. Misting will achieve the most uniform oxidation on the finish, although there will be highs and lows. A completely uniform finish should not be the expected results. The Patina/Antique Solution can be sprayed, splashed or brushed. Each will achieve different and varying results. It takes 12 to 24 hours before the patina will fully develop.


  1. Clean or wash off all dirt, oils and grease, flaking paint and remove all rust or oxidation.
  2. Prime all non-metal surfaces with our clear primer sealer. Metal surfaces must be primed with a high quality epoxy primer.
  3. Apply the first coat of Metallic Coating to all surface area with brush, roller or sprayer. Allow 24 hours curing time between coats.
  4. Apply second coat of Metallic Coating. Temperatures should be between 40 F & 80 F.
  5. If a Verdigris Patina finish is desired, mist the green patina solution on the second coat of the Metallic Coating while it is still damp to the touch. Use a fine misting bottle sprayer.



We sell Copper and Bronze Coatings in one and five gallon containers to be used with the Patina Solution. Also available Clear Acrylic Sealer & Primer. 

Popular Indoor Use

Popular Outdoor Use

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We are family owned and family helpful. Our friendly sales staff can help in decision making for any application and can then get the product shipped quickly to you. 

Pricing based on quantity ordered plus FedEx shipping. Call to us for ideas, assistance, and to order.

You can order our craft pack, which includes enough product to coat approximately 25 square feet. This craft pack has one quart of primer sealer, one quart of either copper or bronze metallic coating, one pint of green patina and application instructions. For larger projects, we ship any of our products in one gallon quantities through out the continental U.S.

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